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Kystens Hus has all rights and can be booked for many occasions.


Our cantine is spacious and have a unique location. It is really a great venue with enchanting views of Tromsøysundet.

We can offer a well established venue suitable for companies from 50 to 150 guests. Your event will be matched with all your needs, and we will provide both food and drink for your event.


One of life’s greatest days is when two say yes to each other. We help you create a memorable day where the bridal couple is in focus and enjoys the future with their loved ones. Good planning is the key to a romantic celebration, and we will be happy to assist you with the menus and all the festivities.

The wedding dinner in the center of Tromsø, with brilliant views of the harbor, creates a great setting for the event. Many bridal couples choose a 3-course menu, where we put together a package of aperitifs and good drinks for the food. Of course, we can also offer a night meal for hungry wedding guests.

We can also offer a bar on the venue, so you can continue the celebrations during the night.

Annual party and corporate get together

We can offer you meeting rooms in addition to dinner facilities.

Our kitchen puts together a menu as desired, with options for several dishes. We can also offer a buffet with different themes.

Christmas party

At Christmas we decorate the Christmas tree and give light to the candles. The building is filled with stars in the windows, and festive guests are enjoying themselves with good friends and colleagues.

We serve a buffet with traditional Christmas food or a menu with touches of Christmas flavors. For example lamb ribs, ribs and pork patties with lovely sauce and gravy. When the meal is over the bar is ready. Maybe the dance foot is ready to rock too?


The canteen is a popular venue for confirmations. It is important to book in advance, as many are planning their confirmation and reserving the city’s best premises early.

Our buffets with cold and hot food are very popular, but we are happy to customize the menu for your event.

Babtism and name ceremony

We can offer you several venues suitable for a get together with meal after baptism or naming ceremony. Our kitchen serves up a delicious buffet that suits both guests of all ages.

Get in touch

For info on renting a venue for an unforgettable evening in Kystens Hus, please contact us.
Phone: +47 90 26 90 00